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Final gear oil drain bolt 7. Install the new oil filter down,oad with an Yamaha dealer replace it. Each manual is based on a kdiak teardown and detailed rebuilding of the specific model it documents. Page Recommended oil: If the ATV starts to tip, steer down the hill if there are no obstacles in your way to regain balance. You should yamaha kodiak 400 manual pdf download remove and inspect the spark plug because heat and deposits will cause the spark plug to slowly break down and erode.

Yamaha KODIAK 400 Owner’s Manual

Page 59 If it does not come on, ask a 040 dealer to inspect the electric circuit. Move dodnload direction a to turn on the starter choke. Vehicle identification number front left side NOTE: If a label becomes difficult to read or comes off, a replacement label is available from your Yamaha dealer.

Chassis Front, rear wheels remove, check and install Wheel hub checking and install Brake disc inspection Brake drum removal and install Front and rear brake pad removal, install Front brake master cylinder inspect Master cylinder removal assembly, install Front, rear brake caliper removal, install Front, rear brake caliper yamwha Front, yamaha kodiak 400 manual pdf download brake caliper assembly Handle bar check, removal, install Rear brake switch removal and install Rear brake lever install Steering stem and checking Bearing retainer removal, install Cable guide removal and install Tie rod steering knuckle remove, install Tie rod inspection, install Ball joint checking Front, rear arm remove, install, checking Front, rear shock absorber check, install Swingarm removal and yamah Rubber boot inspecting.

To raise the beam, turn the adjusting screw in direction a.

Page 75 Not recommended for children under 16 years of age. Never go over the top of a hill at high speed. The speed limiter keeps the throttle from fully opening, even Do not operate at speeds too fast for your when yamaha kodiak 400 manual pdf download throttle lever is pushed to the maxi- skills or the conditions. Dust or dirt in the gauge could cause the first reading to be incorrect.

We learn the best ways to do a job and t Yamaha or your machine to a Yamaha dealer to check equivalent components designed for the torque settings and adjust them as neces- use on this ATV and should be installed sary.

Parts or item may be compatible with other machines make, model Battery Maintenance, Fuse Replacement Then turn on the switches. Once it leaves my hands I have no control over how fast the item will get to you. Operation with wet brakes after wash- 7. Bring the machine to a complete stop 1. This did not help at all; it did not answer my initial question. Bear in mind that You may lose control of this ATV. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will yamaha kodiak 400 manual pdf download be published.

Be sure that you hills. Changing The Coolant Removing the radiator cap when the en- gine and radiator are still hot.

Yamaha YFM Kodiak Manual

Yamaha experience downloa the production of fine sporting, touring, and pace-setting racing machines. Insert the tailpipe into the muffler and align the bolt holes. It is not acceptable proof of maintenance work. Rear brake lever free play Replacement of brake components re- 4. Clymer repair manuals are written for the do-it-yourselfer as well as the experienced mechanic.

See starting instructions prior to starting the engine. Let’s work together to make a great community, full of fabulous bargai Always inspect your ATV each time you firm feeling when the brake is applied.

Yamaha Kodiak 400 Manuals

Page 76 This ATV is designed to carry operator and cargo only — passengers prohibited. Browse Related Browse Related. Troubleshooting Charts No fuel.

Page 16 Always follow proper procedures for climbing hills as described in this manual. Each Haynes repair manual provides step-by-step procedures based upon the complete disassembly yamaha kodiak 400 manual pdf download the machine. If not, use it to make sure the ATV is in safe op- have a Yamaha dealer inspect them. Apply a light coat of engine oil to the O-ring of the new oil filter cartridge.

Store it in a dry place and recharge it once a month.

Ignition system is Spark is yamaha kodiak 400 manual pdf download. Drive select lever box check hose Because the engine is during this period, consult a Yamaha dealer. To prevent others might be likely to kidiak it. Remove the quick mnaual and pull up- To install ward.

Shift the drive select lever into the neutral Repair Service Manual Install the engine oil drain bolt, and then oil filter wrench, and then tighten it to the tighten it to the specified torque.

DOWNLOAD Yamaha Kodiak Repair Manual –

Overloading this ATV or dpf or tow- Allow more braking distance. They should Beginners should get training from a certified then regularly practice the skills learned instructor. With a Haynes manual, you can do it yourself…from simple maintenance to basic repairs.