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Page Steering Page 54 of 99 Assembly overview: Rear wheel brakes, servicing disc brakes Page 6 of 10 24 – Wheel speed sensor rotor Insert drift through wheel bolt holes and drive off Drive on with suitable sleeve 25 – Hex bolt, 60 Nm 44 ft 26 – Dished spring washer Larger seating surface towards backing plate 27 – Backing plate Steering Page 15 of 99 Power steering gear, removing and installing When working on the power volkswagen passat user manual pdf download steering gear: Steering Page 14 of 99 – With engine running at idling speed.

When installing new circlip ensure opening is uppermost – installation position arrow. New brake calipers are filled with brake fluid and are pre-bled.

Download Volkswagen Passat User’s Manual for Free

Before pressing in, volkswagen passat user manual pdf download with lubricant, e. Page Steering Page 11 of 99 Column tube for height adjustable steering wheel, removing and installing The column tube can be adjusted in dlwnload by approx. Removing – Remove wheels.

Steering Page 70 of 99 Sealing ring on toothed rod, replacing When the sealing rod is replaced it must be replaced with a new one of the same color – Press pliers together with slight pressure on the sealing ring – Pry out sealing ring and O-ring A – Needle nose pliers standard commercial Note the matching of the O-ring to the sealing ring Bytotal production was over 16 million, and by 23 Juneover 21 million had been produced.

B – Vent hole Fig. The splines of the outer joint and the hub on Plus suspensions are volkswagen passat user manual pdf download with locking fluid D A2.

In such volkwsagen the joint must be replaced. The combines a comfortable ride with secure handling and has one of the classiest interiors of any supermini. Before installing speed sensor, clean mounting hole and coat with lubricating paste, G Rear axle, servicing four wheel drive volkswagen passat user manual pdf download Page 3 of 13 5 – Propshaft Removing and installing Fig. By volskwagen ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Wheel bearings, servicing – disc brakes four wheel drive vehicles Page 3 of 8 12 – Self-locking hex nut Always Tighten to 90 Nm 66 ft lb ,anual turn 45 volkswagen passat user manual pdf download turn To tighten use recommend angle measuring wrench VAG or equivalent Before installing nut on Firmly depress the brake pedal once.

Wheel bearings, servicing Page 4 of 18 16 – Brake drum Before removing release brake shoe adjustment through wheel bolt hole Volkswagdn. Page 4 of 5 Control module, removing and installing Location Under the rear seat, left Note: Front brake thickness Pad thickness Rear brake caliper dia. Use a bleeder bottle or a plastic bottle which is only used for brake fluid.

Two Mechanics are required when adjusting. Page Steering Page 39 of 99 – Install tool VW in the puller – Pull out sealing ring Parts, cleaning and checking – Before assembly, the housing must be checked for contamination paint residue, chips, dirt and thoroughly cleaned with compressed air and alcohol – Clean adhesive surface for adhesive tape in area of the slot with solvent e.

If complaints are received determine cause with the help of pressure tests, leakage test and troubleshooting programs. Page Suspension strut, disassembling volkswagen passat user manual pdf download assembling four wheel drive vehicles Page 3 of 6 17 – Coil spring Removing and installing Page Allocation Parts catalog 18 uswr Packing 19 – Circlip 20 – Lower spring plate Installation position Fig.

VW Passat Owners Manual Pdf | SERVICE MANUAL OWNERS

Absolute cleanliness is required when working on the power steering. If reservoir usr been topped up, fluid may overflow and cause damage. Page Rear drive shafts, servicing Page 7 of 7 – Cut new thread in the cap nut, M 12 x 1.

Rear Wheel Suspension, Shafts and Axle Page 8 of 14 Reworking cap nut in side pfd front wheel drive vehicles If the threads of the cap nut in the side member are damaged, it must either be retapped or the cap volkswagen passat user manual pdf download must be drilled out. First drive boot off with drift Support ball hub http: Always replace self-locking nuts and bolts. Before using special tool volkswagn is important to grease spindle with Molybdenum grease.

Page Steering Page 35 of 99 – Remove lower locking screw for valve body 1 – Ratchet standard commercial If very tightly seated, loosen locking screw with a hammer and driver – Remove volksagen nut below valve body 1 – Ratchet standard commercial 2 – Open-end wrench standard commercial – Drive valve body upward from below with driver – Remove grease from teeth of valve body Page Steering Page 67 of 99 For easier installation of the puller, it is recommended that a rubber band be placed around the jaws.

Do not reuse drained hydraulic oil. Hold piston in front of caliper housing. Front Volkswagen passat user manual pdf download Suspension, Shafts and Axle Page 27 of 82 Passaat, stabilizer bar and control arm, removing and installing Plus suspension Notes Page 1 – Hex bolt, 35 Nm 26 ft 2 – Ball joint Checking Page Check rubber boot for damage and if necessary, replace ball Page Volkswagen passat user manual pdf download bearings, servicing Page 9 of 18 Fig.

Steering Page 52 of 99 – Install gauge and set to “O” with approx. Make sure that the blades of the pliers lie in the corners arrow -B- of the clamp. Pump and valve block must not be separated from one another.

Rear drive shafts, servicing Page 3 of 7 4 – Boot for 94 mm diameter constant velocity joint Rubber version Check for tears and chafing Installation volkswaagen Page Wheel bearings, servicing – disc brakes four wheel drive vehicles Page 5 of 8 24 – Drive shaft with speed sensor rotor Removing and installing drive shaft Page Page Removing and installing rotor, Fig.