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Member 5-May The third section discussed the usage of cookies. My vote of 5 Swapnil Downolad Jul 2: Data type for the properties are chosen depending upon the type value. Thanks, it is an awesome and consise article. Each entry would persist for one hour from its first request. This mode should be used when reliability is more important than performance.

Beginners Introduction to State Management Techniques in 01 – CodeProject

Use when you are storing infrequently changed, global information that is used by many users, and security is not an etchniques. Instead, you should store large amounts of tchniques management data say, more than 1 KB on the server.

Cookies are useful for storing small amounts of frequently changed information on the client. Use when you need to store small amounts of information for a page that will post back to state management techniques in asp net pdf download.

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Where Session is Stored?

ToString ; Control State: The simplest form of caching, output caching simply keeps a copy of the HTML that was sent in response to a request in memory.

It will not work with HTTP get. A Practical Example The most common usage of application variables is to count the active number of visitors that are browsing currently.

PHP Tutorial

Note about hidden fields Marco Bertschi Jan The article is very helpful for beginners as well as techinques to reconnect many things.

I am not discussing on to the source modified Oct 5: NET provides three events that enable you to initialize Application variables free resources when the application shuts down and respond to Application errors:. Instead of storing data on the client, persist the data on the server. After starting the application, the application variable exists till the end of the application.

Session state is similar to application state, except that it is scoped state management techniques in asp net pdf download the current browser session.

For the further requests, it will just return the collection which is already filled. The above given code is self explanatory.

This is the default session storage. StateConnectionString Indicates the session state is stored on the remote computer server.

Cookies[ ” NonPersistance” ]. Great Article Need description of Query Strings.

Session Timeout Each session will have a timeout value default 20Mins. Therefore, it is best to use application-state variables only with small, infrequently changed datasets.

Download source – Great tutorial for beginnersthanks for your valuable time expecting more Technical Knowledge from you AddDays 1 ; This cookie will expire after 1 day of its creation. Nowadays all web apps demand a high level of state management from control to application level.

Format ” Email validated?

A Beginner’s Tutorial on ASP.NET State Management

My vote of 5 Savalia Manoj M Nov If your website uses profiles heavily, you have to cache the results to avoid unncessary database calls.

Downloae when session ends. NET provides a session state, which is available as the HttpSessionState class, as a method of storing session-specific information that is visible only within the session.

An exception of type ‘System. This reduces the server processing time and decreases page size. NET awadhendra tiwari Aug 3: Now let us try to add our own information in the viewstate. Due to this functionality there is more state management techniques in asp net pdf download domains at the server side in comparison to Client-Side State Management.

If it exists, read the cookie value.