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When finished firing, lock back the bolt and always engage the safety before unloading unused cartridges. On mine I must release the rear clip on the mag and let it drop down a little then rack the bolt and the mag drops out easily. I dont think they have a large supply and in fact may be already sks manual pdf download but would be worth a try.

Don’t have an account? Wanted to have all the information beforehand.

Disconnector hinge assembly I have a Norinco SKS that came with a 5 round fixed magazine. Any unexpended rounds will now be freed from the magazine. There are certain people out there that would love to burn every weapon factory to the ground.

SKS Manual

Cleaning rod Photo at the top of this post is from Wikipedia. I just bought an SKS myself and had the same problem.

Attach the bore brush to the cleaning rod. He tried to inspect the breech and the action slipped out of his hand.


It will sks manual pdf download helpful to refer to the parts described and as shown on these two pages when following the instructions in this manual. Always wear shooting glasses and ear protection while shooting. Pull charging handle on bolt carrier back until the action locks open.

Do not pour oil into the receiver indiscriminately. Trigger guard spring Exploded sks manual pdf download of SKS 56 The SKS was encountered frequently during the Vietnam war. Assembly requires only that you perform the sos steps in reverse order. If your weapon fires, stop firing and sks manual pdf download weapon. Handguard and gas cylinder 3.

Make at least 10 passes though the barrel from the muzzle end. With right hand hold rear of receiver assembly tightly against table with screwdriver or punch.

I have tried this with different capacity magazines from different manufactures amnual the same results. Again, I am sorry if I have offended, but I am passionate about this. Tighten the bayonet pin with a screwdriver of proper size. Since the price of ammo is also going up,the 7. I would like to see firearms sold that are safe and do not wish to put anyone out of business. When disassembling the gun, be sure to note each step and reassemble in reverse order.

Clean the bolt, bolt carrier, piston, recoil spring and receiver.

Do not transport a loaded weapon. I think that is a good thing, even for those of us that use firearms. Trigger group should be cleaned and lubricated regularly. Load two rounds of ammo into the magazine. From personal experience I have found that sks manual pdf download to verify facts dpf posting Can you explain the trajectory of the casing.

Majual the gun is fired, gas pressure is extracted from the spent cartridges, and they are sks manual pdf download.

Large spring guide Otherwise, a short-circuit may occur. The bolt stop will automatically lock the bolt carrier back.

Sks Rifle Manuals – SKS Rifles – AR15 AK47 Gun Forums

To remove receiver cover and recoil spring assembly: Sks manual pdf download Sight Seat Does anyone have an knowledge of this happening, i. Some of the manuals you have on this site explain that one should remove the magazine prior to pulling the action back.

Like the site so much, I book marked it. Was looking for a pamphlet on an sks with technical information and the history of the gun please send one to the address listed if at all possible. Flip sks manual pdf download safety to the “ON” position. Awesome collection of SKS manuals for all to use- thank you Steve for taking the time to put this info up for everyone.

Hopefully some one can help me………Thank You. Accidental discharge can occur from careless handling and could cause serious injury, death or damage to property. There is also an all purpose “battle” setting on the sight ladder, set for meters yards.